Belton's Commitment to Quality

At Belton, quality is reflected in the ingredients we select, our safe manufacturing processes, the taste of our products, and how we transport product to your facility.

SQF 2000 Level 2 Certified

Belton Foods has surpassed the requirements of many customers and taken the rigorous steps necessary to become SQF 2000 Level 2 Certified. We know that by being SQF certified, we help you protect your brand.

On time, all the time

Your orders won’t be late. And to assure this level of commitment, we’ve developed and trained our own delivery fleet.

Great taste and variety according to your budget

For over 60 years, Belton Foods has responded to customer requests for a variety of tastes to fit a variety of budgets. We continually research and develop new product lines and offer co-manufacturing and co-packaging solutions to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers..