Belton Pancake and Waffle Syrups

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Pancake and Waffle Syrups from Belton have been tempting customers for over 60 years with pure, old-fashioned flavor. We offer a wide variety including Blueberry, Strawberry, Butter Pecan and Buttery Maple.

We offer our maple-flavored pancake and waffle syrups in a variety of blends to meet your taste and budget requirements ranging in Brix levels from 66 to 71 along with several formulas that include Pure Maple from 2%, 5%, and up to 20%.

We also offer a lesser Brix product at 45 Brix for Institutional and Bid purposes.

Sugar-free Pancake & Waffle Syrups

Belton Foods are specially formulated to deliver great maple taste without the sugar content and extra calories. Our sugar-free syrups offer your customers an alternative they won’t be able to resist at a much lower price than the national brands.

Light & Dark Syrup & other Corn Sweeteners

Belton’s light syrup has a water white color with a hint of sweetness and vanilla. Belton's dark syrup has a rich amber coloring with a light molasses taste.

Belton also sells a variety of corn sweeteners available in 5 gallon pails to 55 gallon drums to 275 gallon totes.

Deluxe – 66 Brix
Gold Label – 70 Brix
5% Pure Maple – 70 Brix
Enhanced Gold Label – 71 Brix
Sugar Free
Buttery Maple
Strawberry & Fruited Strawberry
Blueberry & Fruited Strawberry
Butter Pecan

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