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Some of us remember when mornings began with the arrival of the milkman. While bacon fried and eggs crackled, Mom would retrieve quarts of milk from our doorsteps, the bottles tinkling softly together. And — if we were lucky—there just might be a quart or two of orange juice to state the day off right.

Changes are, that orange juice came from concentrates manufactured by Belton, Inc., a company which got its start way back in 1949. At the time, Belton supplied orange and lemonade concentrate to the dairy industry. In the 1960s, the business expanded to because a supplier of soft drink syrups to the vending industry.

In the 1970s, Belton, Inc., was purchased from the Belton family by Vince Sipos and Will Wilde. When Sipos bought out his silent partner’s share of the business in 1977, Belton expanded once again to become the sole supplier of pancake syrup to Bob Evans Restaurants.

The concentrate business can get a company into some pretty “sticky situations” but, of the years, Belton has proved its help equal to the challenge. Today, the company distributes such products as table syrups, beverage bases, toppings, flavorings and vinegar throughout the United States. We service restaurant chains and food service distributors and vending companies.

From milkman delivery to national distributor, Belton Foods has weathered the changes and now enjoys remarkable success. All in all, you can chalk that up to a “concentrated effort.”


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